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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Throughout the school year, parents and guardians of enrolled students are invited to participate in monthly parent meetings held on each campus within the district. Attendees receive important information and updates about school-sponsored events, attendance data, testing dates, safety concerns, and more from school administrators, staff members, and parent leads. 

In accordance with the district's strategic plan, each campus administrator selects a parent or guardian to serve in the role of Parent Lead throughout the school year. The Parent Lead represents the voice of the parents and guardians on that campus. Responsibilities of this role include assistance with the planning and facilitation of monthly parent meetings, helping raise awareness of school-sponsored events and initiatives, and attending monthly training sessions with the School District 189 Family And Community Engagement team. Parent Leads who complete a full school year of service are eligible to receive a modest stipend.


Vivian Adams Provides Opportunities for Parent Involvement

Our Parent & Family Engagement team provides year-round opportunities for parental involvement -  whether through the Parent Advisory Committee, kindergarten readiness workshops, arts & crafts workshops, discussion groups, or parent field trips. The Family & Individual Interest Survey alerts us to the types of interests you have, and The Chalkboard newsletter and email notifications provide you with a schedule of upcoming events.  


Parental Involvement is the Key to Academic Success 

Children begin learning at home long before they ever reach the classroom, so parents play a critical role in supporting early childhood learning and school readiness. But families in at-risk communities often face many barriers to providing high-quality early educational opportunities for their children. As a result, there is a wide achievement gap between children from at-risk communities and those from affluent communities.

This gap starts early, and Kindergarten teachers report that less than 50% of the children from at-risk communities are “ready to succeed in school.” Supporting parents’ efforts to help their children develop during the preschool years improves a child's school readiness, reduces behavior problems, enhances social skills, and promotes academic success.

Effective parent engagement programs help close the gap in school readiness in at-risk communities.


Parent Advisory Committee

The objective of the Parent Advisory Committee is to promote positive and effective involvement in preschool activities amongst all parents and to support the partnership between parents, the school and the community. The committee typically meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Parents of children at the center are invited and encouraged to attend all meetings.